Hello My name is Rebecca, but just call me Becky, and I live with my husband, children and dogs in my beloved family farm. This farm is my place on earth and I have since I was a child know that this is where I will be. I’ve been home since moving away from home and in 2010 it was our turn to take over and manage the farm.

Until a couple of years ago, I lived my life more than expected from me than I really wanted. I sat down slowly but surely and when several areas of life collapsed, I ended up in an exhaustion depression. Really broken down but never ever given up. Somewhere deep inside, I knew that this was actually good and necessary. This was what I needed to wake up. It gave me the chance to evaluate life and create new ways.

I was looking for another pace. To scale off – find ways to live a little easier but with more time. More authenticity. To grow more own food and take advantage of nature’s gifts. Have more time at home. Have more time out in nature. Get more time for reflection. And perhaps above all, in everyday life, get more outlet for my creativity.

Much has happened in recent years. I have started my company Real Home and run an online store under the same name with durable and beautiful products for the home. I also work as a certified interior designer, home counselor and creator. I love my everyday life and look excited and confident about everything that will be.

I also enjoy photography. Over time, however, I have felt a growing desire to shoot more and above all to write more in my blog. Here you will be able to see and read more about my country life, my passion-driven entrepreneurship, my thoughts about sustainability, home and decor, my love for old houses and, most importantly, my family farm.

I hope you will be inspired and enjoy staying here with me. Warm welcome